PT Bonet Utama also known well as BONET (Bogor Internet) was founded in Bogor
by Sudjaja Wira and Michael Sunggiardi.

Supported by Indo Internet, the first Internet Service Provider in Indonesia - BONET provide its services to first customer from July 1st, 1995 by using dial up technology.

BONET serves more than 2000 customers which are connected through dial up, wireless, wire, and fiber optic technology now. And provide high speed and broadband technology to fulfill demand of its customer.

Become a reliable information technology company by providing innovative solutions and quality services that are beneficial for the people of Indonesia.

1. Providing quality services with continuous improvement
2. Orientation to meet the needs and customer satisfaction
3. Create innovative services through the development of human resources that are reliable, professional and proactive, and always improve dimension themselves continuously
4. Active participation in educating youth of the nation

Sudjaja Wira
Michael Sunggiardi
Hani Purnawanti
Asep Samsul Hidayat
Operation Manager
  • router.png Internet Connection
  • network.png System Integrator
  • browser.png Web & Apps Development
  • domain_hosting.png HOSTING & DATA CENTER

An unlimited wireless technology Internet access service which is intended for household which requires a stabil and high speed  Internet connection with no quota limitation.


An unlimited Internet access service is intended for professionals and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) that require of a high speed Internet connection. The service comes along with some selection of adjustable packages depends on the customer's needs.  


An unlimited high speed Internet access service based on dedicated allocation bandwidth ratio 1:1 with the use of a wireless technology media or fiber optic (FO).


An IT Solution Partner service  that offers an intregated computer system comprehensively, such as the installation of a fiber-optic network, procurement of servers, security systems, CCTV and Surveillance systems, software applications and others which provide an intergrated solution to the needs of the users’ organization or institution.

The following are some of what we've done.

IT Solution

Providing a service for IT Infrastructure (Hardware and Software).



Smart Technology

 Integrated smart inovation of Softwrae, Hardware and Brainware for supporting in realize smart city concept.


Capacity Building

Providing for capacity building services by softskill dan hardskill training.



What We Provide ?
web development

Expanse your target market or increase your company's image by having a website that can be a nonstop promotion/information media via internet. Even when you don't have good pictures of your product/company for your website, let us help you. 

web apps

Need tidy, fast, and accurate report for supporting decission maker ? a web application can be solution for your company's or institution's need.  


web maintenance

Do you need an operator for your web/application? we provide maintenance team to keep your web/application updated and well maintained.  


google adsense

You have already a web and want it's finded at first page of google's page result to increase your benefit? Google adsense can be the answer. 

mobile apps

Mobile Apps can be best solution when you need an application which you can access it everywhere, anywhere and anytime.   


web hosting

To fullfill your need to live your company's / organization's website, we provide hosting solution with 24/7 electricity power which one of data center in Bogor City.

web domain

Do you need to have an INTERNIC domain (.com, .net, .org etc) ? or an IDNIC domain (.co.id, .or.id etc) as an identity your company's / organization's location ? call us to provide you.  


If you have an server computer and need internet connection to live it 24/7, We have a data center with 24/7 electricity power, 24/7 internet connection, 24/7 room cooling system and IP Public for your server. 

mail server 2

Increase your bussiness communication in your company / organization by providing corporate email facility for your employee / member with company's / organization's identity. 

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Our Profile
We also have supported many school for their needs in IT.
We've served many government agencies to became their partner.
And for many organizations ...
As IT Solution Partner, we serve to fulfill their needs.